What is Culture Declares?

Humanity faces the combined catastrophes of:

- climate change
- a mass extinction of vital biodiversity
- a degradation of ecosystems health everywhere.

This is the Climate and Ecological Emergency, or the Planetary Emergency.

The declaration movement is gaining pace internationally. It started with Climate Mobilization in the US and Australia, and is now promoted by Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, School Strike for Climate and other groups calling for urgent action. More councils across the UK are declaring all the time, including the Greater London Authority, and are committing resources to tackling this emergency.

The arts have a tradition of sparking cultural change and ‘speaking differently’: disrupting the status quo and creating emergent space for new ideas to engage people at an imaginative level. Over 180 artists and art institutions have signed up to 'Culture Declares'.

My commitments upon declaration include:

- working towards net zero practice by 2020
- involvement in public engagement art projects within the Lochaber area.