About the Artist:

Amy is a graduate in Fine Art from ECA/Edinburgh University. She is now an established painter on the Scottish art scene, with a keen eye for the subtleties and quiet expansiveness of the Scottish landscape.

Amy says: ‘In seeking what to paint, I look for landscapes that offer to transport me into the vastness of nature. At the edge of the sea, where the clouds are reflected on the wet sands of a retreating tide, and the turbulent ocean scatters every colour of light from the vast sky above; in the depths of a snowy forest, where the dark forms of the trees repeat and and recede into the silent distance, and light plays across the undulating snow: these are the landscapes that draw me in and call me to paint.’

Amy has a strong grounding in the discipline of drawing from life. Having worked for many years on large scale landscapes, life drawing and portraiture, she has more recently given her focus to still life painting.

In these she enjoys the challenge of painting from life on an intense small scale, working quickly with palette knives to capture the form and luminescence of flowers and the play of light over deeply glazed or reflective objects. Compositions are carefully arranged for balance. Background hues complement the pleasing objects, and with the thick, juicy paint make a visual feast for the eyes.