Amy is a graduate in Fine Art from ECA/Edinburgh University. She is now an established painter on the Scottish art scene, with a keen eye for the subtleties and quiet expansiveness of the Scottish landscape.

Amy says: ‘In seeking what to paint, I look for landscapes that offer to transport me into the vastness of nature. At the edge of the sea, where the clouds are reflected on the wet sands of a retreating tide, and the turbulent ocean scatters every colour of light from the vast sky above; in the depths of a snowy forest, where the dark forms of the trees repeat and and recede into the silent distance, and light plays across the undulating snow: these are the landscapes that draw me in and call me to paint.

For my latest work I have been striving to use the most environmentally responsible materials I can find, so as not to pollute the precious oceans and ecosystems that I love to paint, and to support and promote materials which can help us tackle climate change and habitat loss. I use hemp canvas, which uses significantly less land than cotton, needs no pesticides, little water, returns carbon to the soil as it grows, and is useful in organic crop rotation. I avoid plastics and petrochemicals by using plant based primers and thinners, and earth-based pigments mixed with walnut oil in the tradition of the Old Masters. To read more on this see my ‘Materials and the Environment’ section.'